Marcelo Zanini, MD



mentoplastia | rosto de mulher sorrindo

          The chin is the region of the chin and as an integral part of the face, it plays an important role in the balance of the facial profile. Mentoplasty, in some cases, can be associated with other procedures, such as rhinoplasty (nose repair) and submental liposuction (double chin), optimizing the contour of the face, which we call profiloplasty.

The option of doing another concomitant procedure, if there is an indication, is always discussed with the patient and he will always make the final decision. The surgery is performed through a small incision inside the oral cavity, thus enabling the absence of external scars. In those cases where there is a need for cervical liposuction, we opted for an external access, since we used the same operative route.

        The chin augmentation is obtained with the placement of a small, medium or large size silicone prosthesis, depending on the objective to be achieved. The prosthesis is completely safe and does not interfere with the body, providing perfect accommodation, not being felt to the touch and without the need for replacement in the future.

        The surgery can be performed under local or general anesthesia, without hospitalization. Recovery is rapid, with the patient being released to normal activities in 7-10 days. In the postoperative period, edema is common, although of small intensity, usually disappearing in the first week of its main formation. In some cases, there may also be numbness in the operated region, which will return to normal over time.

Pre & Post Surgical


  • Avoid taking aspirin 3 weeks prior to the procedure. Avoid smoking during the 20 days before surgery.
  • Fasting for 8 hours prior to the surgical procedure..
  • Patient is discharged in 2 to 3 hours after the surgery. In order to help the fixation of the prosthetics, a micropore bandage is put over the chin. It is removed in 4 days.
  • Slight pain might occur during the recovery period, demanding, at times, the in-take of common painkillers.
  • The internal stitches are absorbed by the organism in two weeks, without the need for any removal.
  • Cold and liquid diet is recommended for 7 days, evolving into a more gelatinous diet after some days later.
  • On the first three days, apply cold chamomile tea damp pads over the eyes. On the first 24 hours, apply it continuously.
  • Avoid hitting the operated area during the 2 weeks following the procedure. Stay away from the sun for 30 days.